Executive Directive

Governance, Risk and Compliance



The Executive Directive – Governance, Risk and Compliance promotes the continuous development and improvement across Catholic Education Western Australia Limited (CEWA) by ensuring good governance throughout the system, outlining the system’s policy structure and hierarchy, detailing the system’s Delegations of Authority.

The directive facilitates compliance with Commonwealth and State legislation and regulations, including the Registration Standards for Non-Government Schools in Western Australia, as a pre-condition of a quality Catholic school and office.

Moreover, the directive fosters a risk-aware culture in all decision-making and managing risk in a proactive and effective manner and ensures the conditions of compliance are met to enable the continuous development and improvement of the Catholic education system in Western Australia. This directive responds to official church teachings on Catholic schools and the express wishes of the Bishops of Western Australia.

Sources of authority

CECWA Preamble – Effective 1 February 2021
Catholic Education Commission Western Australia Stewardship Policy – Effective February 2021.


  1.  Decision makers defend and promote the Christian vision of the human person by using their authority, knowledge and recourse to available information that informs an evidence-based approach to protect them from harm and create the conditions for them to flourish.
  2. CEWA policies, directives, processes and all other aspects of decision making must be designed and managed in accordance with Catholic social teaching principles, including upholding the dignity of the human person, subsidiarity, participation, stewardship, co-responsibility and the common good.
  3. Experience, wisdom and knowledge of issues and potential risks are applied to new and ongoing situations to mitigate or prevent risk in a proactive way.
  4. Continual improvement processes are in place at a system and school level to assess the impact of governance, risk management and compliance strategies.
  5. Principals are responsible for the design and safe delivery of the educational program to each student in their community, local variations to Executive Directives can be requested by applying to the Executive Director for approval.


The CEWA Executive, principals and CEWA Staff must:

  1. Operate in accordance with the spirit and intent of Quality Catholic Education and the CECWA Strategic Directions 2019-2023.
  2. Operate in accordance with their roles, responsibilities and CECWA’s Delegations of Authority
  3. Adhere to the obligations under the System Agreement and Registration Standards for Non-Government Schools in Western Australia.
  4. Be cognisant of CECWA’s risk management framework and processes, particularly school risk management framework compliance.
  5. Co-operatively participate in and contribute to the School Compliance and School Registration Audit and Cyclic Review processes.
  6. Support the operation of the Catholic School Advisory Council and their terms of reference.
  7. Follow and participate in the Executive Directive development, consultation and approval process.


This Executive Directive is reviewed annually by the Executive Director.
Effective date
February, 2021
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