Executive Directive

Offsite School Activities



The Executive Directive – Offsite School Activities provides opportunities for students to experience broader, more enhanced learning and formation experiences through offsite activities including but not limited to:

  • Camps
  • Christian Service Learning
  • Excursions
  • Immersions
  • Interstate and international school tours
  • Retreats, and
  • Sacramental preparation programs.

Sources of authority

Catholic Education Commission Western Australia Education Policy – Effective 1 February 2021


  1. Offsite activities enable students to explore and extend their knowledge and understanding beyond the classroom setting.
  2. Offsite activities carry higher risk levels which must be controlled and mitigated to prevent harm.
  3. CEWA provides offsite activities which complement the curriculum of the student cohort and are in accordance with Catholic ethos.
  4. Prayer and liturgical experiences must be integrated into offsite activities.
  5. Communication with parents is an integral part of the organisation of offsite activities.
  6. Parents/guardians have a responsibility to provide relevant information to the school if their child is attending an offsite activity to allow adequate risk management measures to be implemented and ensure the safety and wellbeing of all participants.
  7. CEWA prioritises the safety and wellbeing of all participants in offsite activities.
  8. Offsite activities must be adequately supervised by suitably skilled and qualified staff and/or volunteers.
  9. The standard of conduct required on school premises applies to all participating staff, volunteers, and students for the duration of the offsite activity.
  10. No student or young child is to be prevented on financial grounds form attending an offsite activity that is part of the expected curriculum or program for that school/course.
  11. In planning offsite activities, staff must consider the additional needs of students.


The principal is responsible for ensuring the following directives are enacted.

  1. Staff must follow the CEWA School Excursion Guidelines. https://cewaedu.sharepoint.com/sites/prime/PRIME%20Published%20Library/PRIME/CEWA%20School%20Excursions%20Guidelines.pdf
  2. Staff must notify parents of the details the excursion.
  3. Staff must follow the process for extra curricula activities identified in the Processes related to children in care of the Chief Executive Officer of the Department of Communities enrolled in Catholic Schools.


This directive will be reviewed annually by the Executive Director.  
Effective date
February, 2021
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