Catholic Education Western Australia Limited (CEWA Ltd) has a policy structure that exists to enact the vision to be a Christ-centred and student-focused community of engaged learning environments, inspiring all to actively live the Gospel. The CEWA Ltd Policies and Executive Directives respond to accountabilities to the Bishops of Western Australia, the State Minister for Education and all legislative and regulatory requirements. The CECWA Policy Structure provides direction and clarity on the directives, processes and procedures which govern all Catholic schools in Western Australia.

Catholic Education Western Australia Limited - Preamble

The CECWA Policy Preamble establishes the various role and responsibilities and informs the Executive Directives that must be issued. CLICK HERE

Policy and Executive Directives

The policy statements are aligned under the four the pillars of Quality Catholic Education: Catholic Identity, Education, Community and Stewardship, they outline the guiding principles that inform the Executive Directives.

Executive Directives are aligned under the policy statements, they have the legal force of CECWA Policies. They direct all staff on what must and should be done to ensure compliance with legislation and registration standards and inform ongoing improvement.

An individual must use the CECWA Policies and Executive Directives to address an issue or concern, unless an individual wishes to report a disclosable matter anonymously and/or with appropriate protections in place, in which case the Whistleblower Protection Framework should be used.