Catholic Education Western Australia Ltd (CEWA) is committed to making responsible decisions with discernment to serve and benefit the CEWA community, as a whole. This pillar is a guide to ensure an accessible, affordable, and sustainable system is delivered. Living the Catholic social teaching principle of stewardship requires being responsible guardians for creation. Exercising stewardship concerns caring for people, the environment and other resources.

Sources of authority


  1. Informed by the Christian vision of the human person, CEWA promotes the pastoral care and wholistic formation of people with Christian conscience who are committed to serving God by serving others.
  2. CEWA is committed to responsible stewardship, promoted through decision making which upholds the principles of Catholic social teaching in the recruitment and allocation of staff and in distributing financial and physical resources.
  3. CEWA enhances the sustainability and capability of the system to provide a Christ-centred, child-focused learning experience through prudent decision making and discernment.
  4. CEWA resource allocation and decision making reflects a commitment to the common good and a preferential option for the poor, supporting schools, parents and families who are less materially fortunate so all Catholic students may access a Catholic education.
  5. Communication is respectful, transparent and appropriate to the circumstances, so expectations are fully understood. Mutual agreement is actively sought wherever possible.
  6. Resource allocation and decision making is supported by research, evidence, appropriate expertise and due process.
  7. CEWA communities have the resources they need to grow, supporting the needs of every child while helping to develop the wider community. As far as resources


This Policy will be reviewed annually by the Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia.
Effective date
February, 2021
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