Catholic Education Western Australia (CEWA) is committed to delivering a Christ centred, child-focused educational programme which empowers young people to achieve their full potential.  Teaching and learning in Catholic schools is underpinned by the CEWA Vision for Learning.  In partnership with families and Parish, schools support young people to learn to integrate faith, culture and life.  Catholic schools are learning organisations in which, along with learning academic skills, young people will be able to collaborate, innovate, create, appreciate, and think critically in order to positively influence their rapidly changing world.


  1. Religious Education is the first learning area in the curriculum of Catholic schools.
  2. CEWA recognises parents/guardians as the first and most influential educators of their children.
  3. Gospel values are embedded in the curriculum in educationally appropriate ways to enable students to discover and integrate these values into their lives.
  4. CEWA curricula must integrate Catholic Social Teaching into all areas of learning.
  5. CEWA considers the needs of students and young children as the starting point for all curriculum decisions.
  6. CEWA delivered curriculum embeds the histories, cultures, and experiences of Aboriginal peoples.
  7. CEWA delivered curriculum is inclusive and flexible to respond to the diverse developmental needs, interests, and abilities of individuals.
  8. CEWA delivered curriculum is informed by evidence-based educational and age-appropriate pedagogical practices.
  9. CEWA’s partnership with education and training stakeholders help to create a curriculum that caters for the needs of all students and young people.


This policy will be reviewed annually by the Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia.
Effective date
February, 2021
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