Executive Directive

Aboriginal Education



The Executive Directive – Aboriginal Education guides Catholic Education Western Australia Limited (CEWA) to recognise and commit to fostering rich and authentic learning experiences for all students. This is delivered through deep pedagogical practices which acknowledge, respect, and reflect Aboriginal peoples’ histories and cultures, including their unique values, languages and spiritualities.

Sources of authority

Catholic Education Commission Western Australia Education Policy – February 2021


  1. CEWA recognises Aboriginal parents, caregivers and communities as the first and most influential educators of their children.
  2. CEWA is committed to establishing effective partnerships with Aboriginal families and communities to support the embedding of knowledge and understanding of the histories, cultures, and experiences of Aboriginal peoples.
  3. Aboriginal students have the right to an equitable education.
  4. CEWA is committed to reconciliation, which promotes the principles of truth, justice, equity, and inclusivity.


  1. The principal, in collaboration with the Aboriginal Education Team and staff members, must identify an Aboriginal Education focus that encompasses priority areas reflected in the Aboriginal Education Improvement Map.
  2. CEWA leaders must lead the embedment of the cross-curriculum priority of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures.
  3. CEWA staff will be advocates for the process of reconciliation in Australia.
  4. CEWA community members must complete all requirements of the CEWA Cultural Competency Framework as endorsed by CEWA Executive and in consultation with the Aboriginal Education Team.
  5. CEWA community members should complete recommended professional learning requirements in Aboriginal education, as identified by the Aboriginal Education Team.


This directive will be reviewed annually by the Executive Director.  
Effective date
February, 2021
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