Executive Directive

Change of School Operations



The Executive Directive – Change of School Operations outlines the directives for a principal to request permanent or temporary enrolment changes in a Catholic Education Western Australia Limited (CEWA) school.

Sources of authority

CECWA Policy – Effective 1 February 2021
Catholic Education Commission Western Australia Stewardship Policy – Effective February 2021


  1. All Catholic students, insofar as resources permit, should be able to access a Catholic education.
  2. In the spirit of co-responsibility, the school community must consider the needs of other Catholic schools as well as their own when implementing change.
  3. The maintenance and extension of a coordinated and effective Catholic school system requires the recognition by all members of Catholic school communities of the interdependence of all diocesan and non-diocesan Catholic schools in Western Australia, and the most responsible use of resources available to the CEWA community as a whole.
  4. CECWA is responsible, after appropriate consultation with School Governing Bodies, parishes and school communities, for making recommendations to the Diocesan Bishop.
  5. Any permanent changes to student enrolment patterns or significant investment in capital infrastructure require planning and a Capital Development Plan.


Principals must follow these procedures:

  1. Neighbouring Catholic schools likely to be impacted by a change of operation to a school must be consulted prior to a decision being made.
  2. Short-term or one-off extensions include:
    • increasing the size of a class above standard levels or;
    • the addition of a class in a year level above the approved enrolment pattern (‘bubble classes’).
  3. The short term extension request must be submitted to the Capital Team.
  4. Capital Team, in consultation with the school, will review and present a proposal for consideration of the Executive Director. Provided such extensions do not require building additional capital facilities and are purely operational, they may be approved by the Executive Director.
  5. Short term extensions are deemed approved for one year only, unless explicitly stated in the original approval.
  6. Where the Diocesan Bishop, CEWA, the school community, School Governing Bodies propose to:
    • Open, amalgamate, de-amalgamate or close schools, including boarding accommodation;
    • Change pupil enrolment policies, for example, a change that would affect the Catholicity of a school;
    • Make a permanent change to the structure of a school’s enrolment, or for example, to change from single gender to co-education or from single stream to double stream; or
    • Undertake a building program.
    the proponents will work with the Capital Development Team to develop a submission for the consideration of the CECWA.
  7. If the consultation for an item results in an unresolved diversity of opinion, then the proposal shall be forwarded to CECWA or their delegated authority for decision.
  8. CECWA may request an item to be presented for CECWA’s decision if the circumstances necessitate it.


This directive is reviewed annually by the Executive Director.
Effective date
February, 2021
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