Executive Directive

Early Learning Centres and Outside of School Hours Care Services



The Executive Directive – Early Learning Centres and Outside of School Hours Care Services outlines the requirements for the operation of Catholic Education Western Australia Limited (CEWA) care services. CEWA Care Services are those services that operate where CEWA is the approved provider, including long day care and outside of school hours. care services

Please note for the purposes of this Executive Directive the term principal includes the Care Service Manager at Holy Name Out of School Hours Care Service, Carlisle.


  1. CEWA Care Services provide young people with a growing sense of belonging and community from the common vision of their family, school, parish and wider groups.
  2. CEWA supports parents in the faith formation of young people by accepting the responsibility of providing a range of experiences which will nurture and develop each child’s sense of wonder in God’s presence and creation and which contribute to the lifelong process of developing their faith and religious knowledge.
  3. The pedagogy within CEWA Care Services is a balance of intentional teaching and play-based learning that provides children with opportunities to explore, discover, imagine, and engage in purposeful and meaningful experiences.
  4. CEWA Care Services promote learning as a lifelong journey.
  5. CEWA Care Services are aligned with current research on development, learning and pedagogical practices as it applies to children from birth to 12 years.
  6. CEWA Care Services follow the relevant system, state, and national regulatory instruments, as advised by the care service consultants, who act on behalf of CEWA, who are the approved provider.


  1. The principal and nominated supervisor are responsible for ensuring the following Governance directives are followed:
    • CEWA Care consultants must have unrestricted entry to care services during operational hours.
    • CEWA Care Service staff must follow the CEWA Out of School Hours Care operational guidelines.
    • CEWA Care consultants must develop and review the operational guidelines and procedures in accordance with legislation.
    • Principals seeking to operate a licensed care service at their school must follow the CEWA Care Service Approval Process.
    • All changes to the premises and/or the operation of their care services must be submitted to the CEWA Care consultants prior to any changes taking effect.
    • The nominated supervisor must demonstrate compliance with the National Quality Framework and Standards.
    • Fees generated from their CEWA care service must be used to support the operation of their service, and all income and expenditure must be accounted for in the service’s budget and reported at system audit.
    • The nominated supervisor must be involved in the budget process and have access to funds to cover all expenditure within the service’s budget.
    • All notifiable matters under the regulations must be communicated to the CEWA Care consultants as soon as is practicable, and at least within the regulatory requirement of 24 hours.
  2. The principal and nominated supervisor are responsible for ensuring the following Staffing directives are followed:
    • CEWA Care Services must be staffed in accordance with the Executive Directive – Employment and current Care services legislation relevant for Western Australia.
    • The principal must ensure nominated supervisors and responsible persons of CEWA Care Services are suitably qualified to undertake the supervisory responsibility, as outlined in the CEWA operational guidelines and in consultation with CEWA Care consultants.
    • The principal must engage a full time (non-contact) service coordinator when the licence for OSHC is for 45 children or above.
    • CEWA Care Services staff must complete an induction and engage in ongoing performance appraisal and professional development, as appropriate.
    • CEWA Care Services must have at least one staff member present with current approved first aid, anaphylaxis management, emergency asthma management and CPR at all times children are present.
    • Staff must complete within a reasonable time of their appointment:
    • their Accreditation to Work in a Catholic School,
    • CEWA Child Protection Procedures (Mandatory Reporting) training; this must be refreshed annually.
    • Staff must be informed of their obligations under CEWA’s Code of Conduct.
    • CEWA Care Services must keep accurate records of who is the person responsible for the operation of the service at all times. These records must be made available to the care service consultants upon request.
  3. Period of Operation
    • The principal must ensure that schools providing early years learning centres operate a minimum of eight hours per day for 48 weeks per year.
    • The principal must ensure out of school hours care (OSHC) and vacation care only operates for the hours stipulated on their service approval certificate.


This directive will be reviewed annually by the Executive Director.
Effective date
February, 2021
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